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Director - Bhavita Mandavia

Nigel Jonathan: “When I was first approached with the idea of starting SUSO in Kisumu I was ecstatic!! I believe that SUSO is a forum that makes true changes you know...It's truly fascinating what a bunch of youths can do if they set their minds to it. Our generation is the generation to change the world. As William Shakespeare once said "It's not in the Star’s to change our destiny but in ourselves" and I believe that if we believe we can change our destiny for we are the generation that is destined to do great things. And SUSO is one step closer to changing our world..."


Josephine Awino: "I came to hear of Stand up shout out back in 2015 during peace summit, It seemed to me as a platform for great change not only within Kenya itself but worldwide. From then on, I’ve wanted to be a part of SUSO and be a change-maker. Personally, SUSO is important to me as it builds me and nurtures me to create change in different forms within the youth of Kenya. SUSO to me is important as it gives me hope for a better future, especially for the outgoing youth.  To Kisumu, I believe SUSO is just as important the same way it is important for all the other division. Launching of SUSO in Kisumu would bring Kisumu into the spotlight as I believe that Kisumu just lacks the platform for advocating for change. SUSO will bring interconnections between the different communities in Kisumu; especially improve the livelihood of the youth. SUSO in Kisumu will empower youth and bring out the best in everyone. SUSO coming to Kisumu would bring me so much joy personally since Kisumu being the third largest city in Kenya that holds a variety of different people with different ideas, backgrounds.  From being part of SUSO Mombasa division, I felt the need of having SUSO in Kisumu as I see the youth of Kisumu going astray, most of them indulging in drug abuse and theft but with SUSO in Kisumu, would be the light of the city. I am excited to have SUSO in Kisumu. Generally, I view SUSO as a platform that advocates for change, SUSO breaks boundaries between people and bring about interconnections. I view SUSO as a platform for sustainable development mainly in Kenya as it brings about the aspect of environmental, social, economic and political change."

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Director-Bhavita Mandavia


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