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Our Vision

Our vision is to dissolve the counterproductive walls of isolation within our society and to enhance cooperation within the nations. We aim to develop individuals, as well as society as a whole through certain aspects such as: access to information and technology, cultural awareness and integration, ending inequality and the overall well-being of citizens.In addition, we seek to unite our members and instil a virtue of being open-minded and empathetic toward all cultures, nations and one another. This helps to enhance respect and togetherness between individuals and other global citizens.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together the youth, to solidify our presence on an international scale and to bring about global change. This sets a foundation for the accessibility of sustainable socio-economic and environmental change. We hope to enrich the quality of life, promote patriotism, welfare and strengthen unity amongst our local and global community, thus building on the basis of humanity and compassion.

Peter Moll CEO, tel: +254 254715457690 standupshoutoutworld@gmail.com