Founded in 2013, Stand Up Shout Out (SUSO) was created and developed by Peter Frederick Moll as a youth organisation aimed at educating and bettering our local society. This organisation brought together like-minded individuals to provide a voice against the ills and injustices within our society. Moreover, we endeavour to allow each individual to stand out in his or her own respect and have a personal impact.

Over the past four years, SUSO has greatly developed and has been at the forefront of youth activism all over the world. Our organisation has grown from just Peter, our CEO and Founder, to an initial group of six individuals in June 2013 to two thousand active members spanning 14 countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, India, Canada and The U.K. and more than 20 divisions.


Vision & Dreams

Living to see a better world, not simply by praying and wishing for one, but in the words of Gandhi, “be that change we wish to see in the world”.

One strong aspect of youth empowerment which is giving the members the tools to make a difference, skill sets, training and experience that will make them a responsible active citizen of society! And the other main aspect is youth engagement, youth engagement must come hand in hand with youth empowerment, when an individual is empowered you must give them a platform to engage with, to utilise what they have learned and implement it into society.


To dissolve the counterproductive walls of isolation within our society; to enhance cooperation within the society with the aim of  advancing the society as a whole and the individual through development in all aspects: Access to information and technology, cultural awareness and integration, an end to inequality, and overall well-being of all citizens.

To seek to unite our members and instill a virtue of being open-minded and empathetic toward all cultures, nations and one another to enhance respect and togetherness between individuals and other global citizens.



In SUSO we have two main ethoses, UBUNTU and THE GENERATION OF LIGHT.
Ubuntu is a xhosa word originated from southern Africa, it means: A person is a person through other people; compassion, kindness, understanding/empathy, togetherness/unity; How can I be happy when you are not? It is a way of life that allows us to be better human beings. I am because we are. The Generation Of Light is understanding there is a lot of negative things happening in the world right now, but we can be the solution and shine light where darkness is, bring hope back and bring positive energy where there is none.



Our mission is to bring together the youth in Kenya, solidify our presence on an international platform and set a foundation for the accessibility of sustainable socioeconomic and environmental change for the youth globally. We hope to enrich the quality of life, promote patriotism, welfare and strengthen unity amongst our local and global community thus building on the basis of humanity and compassion.