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A few Words from our Managing Director Agnese Maria Bethania Gubaira 

"What an outlet has SUSO become, you get plugged in and the lights turn on! And it has now given me the opportunity to answer my truest calling, to serve the world by sharing the light. Stand Up Shout Out is a platform for true freedom, empowering more and more people to become active and alive in the constant act of creation. We are here, breathing here, this is OUR world, these are OUR streets, those are OUR kids crying for protection, this is OUR life to create, the future is waiting for us to start building it TODAY. SUSO Chile is now born, swaddled in the vow of unconditional love… Towards all. All beings and all things. Its only aim: To increase people’s awareness of themselves in the world, their communities, and their own lives; to empower us all, by helping us recognize our true identities, each of us a powerful creator. SUSO Chile is a call to action, to stand up and shout out, to start living consciously and deliberately, one day at a time we architect and set the foundation for our legacy, this is our message, a love letter to the world. The generation of light is here to brighten up the place, tomorrow we’ll connect the dots but today… We are busy making dots."

1st Managing Deputy Director

Carlos Luis Monterola

2nd Deputy Managing Director

Adriana Isabel Bajares Reveron

Division Team

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Be a member of this youth organization that aims to bring the change TODAY, in order to secure TOMORROW. Be part of the Change Makers in action!


 It is vital for our youth and all beings to grow up with awareness of self and awareness of self to others. It is the understanding that one can achieve their goals without taking advantage of others or destroying someone to be created. That there is space for everyone to be.

Ubuntu is about Compassion, Kindness, Empathy and Unity.

Generation Of Light

Our actions will be influenced by the need of reintroducing hope into the world - to ensure the society understands all ongoing issues, but still has the knowledge that they are the desired change.

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