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GotHope is a project within the Stand Up Shout Out organization as of April 10th, 2018. After discovering, every year, there are approximately 39,000 cases of cancer in Kenya. This number does not include untreated or unreported cases. This is due to various reasons but the first being little to no access to healthcare. This admirable cause had led students in Nairobi to spend strenuous amounts of time dedicated to explore the most efficient way ‘fight’ cancer in Nairobi and soon other parts of Kenya. As privileged students of Nairobi, we must do whatever we can to give back. Through combining efforts we strive for a notable impact on the cause. By virtue, cancer is an arduous and costly disease, therefore we want to focus on the essential and impactful steps or actions we will do to aid those who suffer from cancer through aiding local Kenyan cancer groups, on an interschool level in order to understand, maintain, and support the significance of lifting up those with cancer.


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GotHope Executive Officers

Founder&President: Lauren Etti
Deputy President: Darcy Kabalisa
Secretary: Luna Petrangeli
Treasurer: Varia Voloshin
Events Chair: Harina Baheta
Communications Chair: Selah Piper Webmaster Siana HariaExecutive Committee and Board of Directors - Sylvia Nyangaga - Amanda Niwemahoro - Matana Chifallu - Mustafa Abasher - Alissa Thakker


Lauren Etti

Founder of GotHope
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More About Cancer in Kenya

Essentially, cancer occurs when an uncontrollable abnormality of cells forms and grows in a certain part of the body, in some cases causing a tumor (from the continuous generation and storage of unneeded cells) and in others going unnoticed until symptoms are noticed. Often, however, those who suffer from cancer only discover their illness by accident, such as during a regular routine check-up. In such cases, the cancer has a likelihood of being in its more developed or later stage, which makes treatment more challenging and less promising in some cases. Currently, most types of cancer have no cure that guarantees recovery, and even in cases where there is a high chance of recovery treatment is often challenging, strenuous, and painful for the individual suffering and their family. In cases of late discovery, the fight is even more challenging not only in terms of strain but also in terms of funding and expenses. Kenya, like several other countries, has a large population that lack the resources to afford treatment (and sometimes even a diagnosis) for cancer. Oftentimes, even if the diagnosis is made, the patient has to battle the illness with home remedies and hope. For those who are unable to provide funding for their cancer cure, there is little chance of even a small degree of surviving. Even when attempts at raising the funding are made, the sufferer alone rarely manages to sufficiently raise the required amount due to lack of resources. As a school community, we have hundreds of voices that, together, will be definitely able to bring hope.

Our current focus

GotHope works with an organization called Lady Hope Wellness Institute. Lady Hope is a certified non- governmental organization, opened in 2002. The organization’s mission is to aid women diagnosed with breast, cervical, and other types of cancer. Additionally, they work with men and cater to the needs of mothers with children suffering from cancer. Lady Hope Wellness Institute was founded by Mrs. Veronica Mwangi, who is a passionate and diligent woman well-known in Kenya’s cancer community. She strives to use as many resources as she can to provide for these patients. These include supplying them with housing, the right foods for their condition, and money for treatment. What we intend to do is help as much as we can with these needs. Realizing that many fundraisers do not make it clear where funds are going, we made it our uppermost priority to investigate what would be most substantial. After conducting research through several meetings with patients, we determined that the most crucial factor to recovery is treatment costs. Amidst treatment, the patients worry about food, shelter, transport, and other necessities, therefore it is a big challenge for them. We work closely with the organization, conducting small projects and fundraisers to help them out.

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Fight Cancer Color Festival

A huge event the SUSO and cancer community are looking forward to is the first “Fight Cancer Color Festival.”

This festival-type event has engaged thousands of people from around the world and has raised millions of dollars while doing so. Today’s youth have taken a huge interest in this event, therefore we are eager to execute this event on the principle that the ‘students of Nairobi,’ can have remarkable impact when we join hands.


Fight Cancer Color Festival Design
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