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Director - Bhumija Naidu Srungarapu

"Stand Up Shout Out is an organization that had me enraptured within the first few times I had team building exercises with them. The idea of being with like minded people who are yet so different from each other is a wonderful prospect for any youth.
I find that groups like this are concerned with few of the more important issues with the world. There are things that the youth of today doesn't even know as real and truth. To most, crimes against wildlife is just a news story. Being in an organization like this makes us realise that these are real problems and require full attention of the world.
Not only with wildlife SUSO also works with youth empowerment and in times like this where the younger generation is dismissed as "too much" or "too demanding" or even as "dreamers", this is an action more required than anything. The youth are not too demanding. The youth are the voice of tomorrow. We only wish to protect our own future and are willing to speak up for it and Stand Up Shout Out has helped me have a voice that can be heard.
This organization actually reminds me of a quote from a famous young adult author: "the world will be saved and remade by the dreamers" and this is a quote truer than most. Rules are required to be bent and changed to suit the world as it moves into the future. If the world is to be saved, the youth OR the "dreamers" are the ones who can do it. A place like this is as perfect as can be for all those with their head in the clouds dreaming of a better future not just for themselves but for everyone.
There are problems that require addressing and it's about time this is done. SUSO has made changes and corrections that most are unaware of. This requires a great amount of dedication and selflessness and this is the voice and aspirations of the future calling to us to change and to be better"

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