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Director - Sam Olaa

"Many people think of themselves as just individuals separated from one another whereas the truth is you are connected. When you do well it spreads out to whole of humanity."The Dalai Lima.
As we start out in Kampala and Makerere, a great task lies ahead, but more importantly I am overwhelmed and inspired by this grand project and the foundations we seek to lay.
Stand Up Shout Out is a platform for us to be the change we want to see in the world. One where we can wildly express ourselves and dreams and where we can share and receive youthful energy and aspirations as like minded young leaders. A haven to channel our love, hope and compassion into streams that give life and hope to our communities and humanity. Our thoughts are powerful so it is important that they are nurtured in a positive environment. Together, I believe we are unstoppable, like the African proverb says," If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far go together." We stand to break isolation and come together to fight for the world we want.We believe that the future and the time to act is now and urgent. We need to stop hoping that others will fix things and proactively confront the world. It is time to put our dreams to paper and work together remember dreams do not work unless you do.
Remember the world is dangerous not because of the people who do harm but those who look at it without doing anything. Therefore we all have a legendary obligation to positively influence the world around us and be heroes and examples to all the youth out there. Ubuntu!Ubuntu!Ubuntu!"

SUSO Makerere

Kampala, Uganda

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