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A few Words from our Division Director Kiiru Emmah

"Stand Up Shout Out the talk of the town,well known as SUSO. It is not just an organization like any other, it is one that provides a platform where voices, voices from different regions with the same idea come together and they are heard, through one of the initiatives called verbalize realise. These voices desire that the world would become a better place for us, the animals and all that grows in it.

Thanks to SUSO, now the 10 year old kid can give his opinion and it would be relevant, unlike in our society where it is biased to the older people and I, a youth I am termed as 'too young' to know what is best for mankind. Through this wonderful organization, our voices become relevant and we the youngsters are sure to make the society and the world at large a better place, not only for you and I but also for our generations to come. Moreover, the old saying is gone 'we are the leaders of tomorrow' through SUSO we have realised that our tomorrow may never come, and that now we are the leaders of TODAY and today is here and now. For Murang'a division, we have decided to become leaders of today, to act now and shape our tomorrow."

Deputy Director

Geoffery Maina

Division Team

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Be a member of this youth organization that aims to bring the change TODAY, in order to secure TOMORROW. Be part of the Change Makers in action!


 It is vital for our youth and all beings to grow up with awareness of self and awareness of self to others. It is the understanding that one can achieve their goals without taking advantage of others or destroying someone to be created. That there is space for everyone to be.

Ubuntu is about Compassion, Kindness, Empathy and Unity.

Generation Of Light

Our actions will be influenced by the need of reintroducing hope into the world - to ensure the society understands all ongoing issues, but still has the knowledge that they are the desired change.

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