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A few Words from our Division Director Moureen Amoit

“Being a SUSONIAN,would simply mean an agitated,outgoing and transparent youth who strives to create a world you want to live in and being confident in fighting for what is right. Joining SUSO would have been my greatest achievement, but not if I won’t stand up and be a change maker to the world I desire to live in. We get driven by our desire to change and impact the world positively, and stand up shout out gives us that platform,to air out our views, passions and whatever affects us.. SUSO would help you realize as a youth why your voice counts and why working as a team is also important , so impacting the world positively and airing your views on whatever affects us whether positively or negatively and creating a sustainable environment should be our main focus.. Because I believe youth are the face of tomorrow, leaders of today and we only stand out if we fight for what is right and the best channel is using our voices. “I am because we are”.”

Deputy Director

Daniel Sayianka Koinenke

Division Team

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Be a member of this youth organization that aims to bring the change TODAY, in order to secure TOMORROW. Be part of the Change Makers in action!


 It is vital for our youth and all beings to grow up with awareness of self and awareness of self to others. It is the understanding that one can achieve their goals without taking advantage of others or destroying someone to be created. That there is space for everyone to be.

Ubuntu is about Compassion, Kindness, Empathy and Unity.

Generation Of Light

Our actions will be influenced by the need of reintroducing hope into the world – to ensure the society understands all ongoing issues, but still has the knowledge that they are the desired change.

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SUSO Naivasha

Naivasha (Nakuru), Kenya

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