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A few Words from our Division Director Muthoni Kanja

“Before joining Stand Up Shout Out I used to sit down and keep quiet. As an environment advocate, I didn’t have a platform where my opinion mattered. SUSO has been a place where I realized that my voice matters. I have been able to speak on behalf of our environment and hone my knowledge on how we can make the world a better place.

It has been a great platform of networking with people of the same akin, a home of meaningful interactions and a family that is united in diversity. So far, I have had an amazing experience and every time I take part in SUSO activity I feel better than I felt the previous time. My personal dream is with the outstanding mentorship from our able C.E.O Peter Fredrick moll and the partnerships with other divisions and realms to represent SUSO on an international avenue geared towards a better world, to spread the awareness on the importance of conserving our wildlife and the entire environment through applicable solutions.

We are the leaders of today, hence all our leadership skills should be applied today and not tomorrow. With SUSO Nyeri division, we are going to be agents of positive change and a voice of the voiceless. We hope to bring on board more susonians dedicated towards making a change, create an incredible family where we can harness each other’s strengths and create a synergy and that way we can get to the same destination faster and effectively.”

Deputy Director

John Kevin Maina

Division Staff

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Be a member of this youth organization that aims to bring the change TODAY, in order to secure TOMORROW. Be part of the Change Makers in action!


 It is vital for our youth and all beings to grow up with awareness of self and awareness of self to others. It is the understanding that one can achieve their goals without taking advantage of others or destroying someone to be created. That there is space for everyone to be.

Ubuntu is about Compassion, Kindness, Empathy and Unity.

Generation Of Light

Our actions will be influenced by the need of reintroducing hope into the world – to ensure the society understands all ongoing issues, but still has the knowledge that they are the desired change.

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