Our Projects

Stand up shout out for Rhinos and Elephants

Stand Up Shout Out For Rhinos and Elephants is our wildlife project whereby we bring out the awareness by shining a light on the importance of our wildlife and the huge poaching crisis we are faced with, the importance of wildlife in our economy and the illegal trade of ivory. We create a platform for the youth to get involved and understand the wildlife department by having talks, activities and workshops. We are trying to bring the youth together by mobilizing in schools, universities, etc. to be a voice for the voiceless. We organize events related to this project such as concerts, marches, protests, etc. and show this generation how important it is to conserve our wildlife before it leads to extinction as well as do work at the grassroots with communities and the rangers who are at the forefront of this war.

Feed a Soul

Feed A Soul revolves around interacting, feeding and donating with those who are underprivileged and underrepresented in society. We are firm believers of teaching a man to fish by not simply giving him a fish but by teaching him to catch the fish itself. Hence our goal is to find viable and sustainable long term solutions. Nonetheless, the beauty about this is not about donations made, but the human touch to it. The time we spend getting to know and understand other human beings, breaking boundaries of tribe, religion and ostentation, spreading love regardless of race or religion despite being from different backgrounds and any status is the beauty of Feed a soul. You see feed a soul has transcended from the bud it once was into the blossoming flower it now is. It has branched into many more projects such as SUSO Library, FAS scholarship fund and FAS education. We shall dwell a little deeper for you to understand more about what these projects entail of;
Our project SUSO Library was brought on by the appeal of a Library being a stepping stone into untapped potential in our youth and communities! you see we wished to play a vital role in the students' futures, but also in the community at large and we wanted a place for the children in kibera to let their minds run wild and the first place we thought of was a Library.
Going hand in hand with the library, we have developed FAS education, this is through the belief that education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. However, for most students, they cannot afford something as essential as education so that is why we have developed suso scholarship fund thus destroying all limitations in regards to obtaining an education to further their careers goals and destroying the poverty of the mind.

Earth Beat

The Stand Up Shout Out Earth Beat project encompasses all environmental issues; from animal rights to Global Warming. The name derives from the idea that the EARTH has a BEAT. Just like the human heart beat, both nature and mankind must contribute to how healthy the earth will be and we all have a role to play no matter how big or small it is, it matters..
We recognize the importance of creating an organic link between the environment and those living in it. Under this wing, we undertake various projects such as Tree of Life; which is the basic concept of wherever trees are life thrives, be it businesses or habitats. Clean Sweep is mankind’s contribution to the earth’s health. We go around picking up litter on the roads, picking up after ourselves and giving the earth its natural beauty back. Earth beat challenge is an activity that engages society in tree planting through creative ways e.g linking together a game show, survivor challenge and tree planting into one combined activity and platforms for environmental awareness projects.

Stand Up Shout Out Sports

Suso Sports is a platform that gives individuals the opportunity to not only play the sport they love, but use their passion to advocate for positive change by bringing communities of different people, religions and ethnicities together to not just play, but also break down social barriers that so often divide us. Through this integration, we can work towards seeing positive change in whatever specific aspect we aim to tackle; such as raising money, holding blood drives or promoting a certain cause. The sporting activities can vary from event to event and depend upon the specific interests of the people involved. Our long term goal for Suso Sports is to have a recreational centre where people from all walks of life can come together to take part in the sports they love, to stay fit, healthy and active.

Verbalise Realise

The concept is simple we verbalize the problems and realize the Solutions.
Verbalize realise is a solution orientated forum. We bring together experts and normal citizens to have a productive discussion on relevant issues that affects us all. After Highlighting the issue, the forum then moves towards creating realistic solutions that can be carried forward. Extensive research is then carried out on the feasibility of the solution, with a proposal and report being provided before being implemented as a pilot project by a team of experts in a particular field.

Open Stage

The open stage strives to encourage young people to showcase their talent. There are many young talented individuals who do not have the opportunity to express themselves due to lack of such platforms and motivation to showcase talent. Stand Up Shout Out Open Stage seeks to be that platform for dancers, poets, musicians, and all performing artists. We hope to create a link between Studios, Producers and the Media with the performers, providing them with a chance to excel in their talents, creating careers. Open Stage gives artists an opportunity to experience and explore different types of music genres, be it in dance or song. Artists can also learn how to work on stage or more importantly how to “work a crowd”. Stand Up Shout Out has created an Open Stage Alumni that allows past artists to come back and motivate the current Open Stage artists. Here they get to share their success and failings as well as provide advice on how to proceed after Open Stage. Our aim is to connect a wide pool of people from all walks of life to nurture their creative skills and encourage them to help each other to become better performers and artists.


Stand up shout out theatre is a youth theatre for young people as well as people of all ages. It is committed to providing a platform for young performers in all elements of drama. There are several young artists in Kenya who do not have very many options outside of their school to get involved. At stand up shout out theatre we aim to promote the development of this talent in all aspects of drama, whether it be acting, directing, set design or writing. We shall hold productions, short plays, pantomimes, and the works and we aim to one day build our own Creative Arts Centre.


SUSO health embraces all matters to do with the health and well-being, both mental and physical, of all humans no matter their background. Being healthy is about more than just being free from disease but it is also about being in complete harmony with the surroundings. We believe this fundamental right is within reach of all. The main long term goals of SUSO Health include raising awareness of upcoming Health related issues, organizing medical camps to treat masses that may not easily access healthcare services and building a local community clinic. We hope this endevour will bring us together to create a healthier, happier community and a happier world.

We create a platform for youth to be more involved in the health of both the individual and the community to change our society for the better. As part of this initiative, we host blood drives, distribute sanitary pads, in conjunction with SUSO Sports host related activities and many more!


GotHope is a project within the Stand Up Shout Out organization as of April 10th, 2018. After discovering, every year, there are approximately 39,000 cases of cancer in Kenya. This number does not include untreated or unreported cases. This is due to various reasons but the first being little to no access to healthcare. This admirable cause had led students in Nairobi to spend strenuous amounts of time dedicated to explore the most efficient way ‘fight’ cancer in Nairobi and soon other parts of Kenya. As privileged students of Nairobi, we must do whatever we can to give back. Through combining efforts we strive for a notable impact on the cause. By virtue, cancer is an arduous and costly disease, therefore we want to focus on the essential and impactful steps or actions we will do to aid those who suffer from cancer through aiding local Kenyan cancer groups, on an interschool level in order to understand, maintain, and support the significance of lifting up those with cancer.