Feed a Soul

Feed A Soul revolves around interacting, feeding and donating with those who are underprivileged and underrepresented in society. We are firm believers of teaching a man to fish by not simply giving him a fish but by teaching him to catch the fish itself. Hence our goal is to find viable and sustainable long term solutions. Nonetheless, the beauty about this is not about donations made, but the human touch to it. The time we spend getting to know and understand other human beings, breaking boundaries of tribe, religion and ostentation, spreading love regardless of race or religion despite being from different backgrounds and any status is the beauty of Feed a soul. You see feed a soul has transcended from the bud it once was into the blossoming flower it now is. It has branched into many more projects such as SUSO Library, FAS scholarship fund and FAS education. We shall dwell a little deeper for you to understand more about what these projects entail of;
Our project SUSO Library was brought on by the appeal of a Library being a stepping stone into untapped potential in our youth and communities! you see we wished to play a vital role in the students' futures, but also in the community at large and we wanted a place for the children in kibera to let their minds run wild and the first place we thought of was a Library.
Going hand in hand with the library, we have developed FAS education, this is through the belief that education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. However, for most students, they cannot afford something as essential as education so that is why we have developed suso scholarship fund thus destroying all limitations in regards to obtaining an education to further their careers goals and destroying the poverty of the mind.


In July 2014 we had our next feed a soul in Dagoretti area at St. Luke's primary where we formalized our relationship with this school and fed the kids and since then we’ve been interacting with these children on a regular basis and have formed standing friendships.

SUSO launched campaigns called Be a Champion in 2014 and Be a Santa in 2015 where we had stalls in Big Square branches were the public could donate clothes and shoes. These items were donated to kids from St.Lukes when we had our Be a Champion Feed a Soul in February 2015 and to our Kibera community in February 2016 at our Be a Santa Feed a Soul. In 2017, we had a similar campaign dubbed SUSO Santa Sleigh except we partnered with Sarit Centre where donation boxes were put around for clothes. The campaign climaxed in our traditional fashion of a Feed a Soul.


Under the Feed a Soul umbrella, we have launched FAS Education and FAS Scholarship fund. FAS Education is a continuous initiative where anyone with any expertise can teach that subject to a school we support especially when those schools are understaffed. FAS Scholarship aims to raise funds to allow those who cannot afford an education to have one.


We had our first feed a soul in July 2013 in Kibera where we fed 100 mothers and 350 children from Kibera Day nursery, Kibera Day high school and Kibera Hamlets. This was the start of our relationship with the Kibera community. In November 2013 we took the kids from Kibera to Bomas of Kenya  for a fun day where we had games and a variety of arts and crafts classes. We fed the children and had numerous donations coming in. That same year for the Christmas festive season we fed the children we worked with over the course of the year as well as 100 homeless people.


We have also held Feed a Souls in Mombasa and Dar Es Salaam particularly for Eid as both have large Muslim communities.