SUSO Boston


dIRECTOR of boston

Director - Devina Raithatha

"At this stage in life, we are all floating. Trying to gain some meaning with life by meandering through social boundaries. At this stage in life, we are told to be adults whilst getting told off for letting the flow of creativity become too strong for the floodgates of maturity to stop. I believe that Stand Up Shout Out is the perfect outlet for other youths like me who want to help the community, raise awareness for where it's needed, while still having fun. At this stage in life, it is most important to be part of something, something bigger than just you or me. It creates a community of thinkers and well-wishers. If we bring Stand Up Shout Out to Boston I believe we truly are creating something unique while also something that everybody can relate to, a family. There are many youth activist groups, many poetry stands, but too many international kids who still are looking for something that they truly belong to.

SUSO rings bells close to home for me, I want to do something for the elephants. I want to do something for the kids who have so much talent but are too afraid to show it to outsiders, without a family.

Through SUSO we are creating that medium, we will raise awareness and join the global stage, a stage SUSO already performs on, but has yet to pierce fully.

Bringing SUSO to Boston adds another set to the stage, another set where we can perform and contribute globally." SUSO BOSTON DIRECTOR Devina Raithatha