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Director - Daniel Kandie 

"I once heard a very powerful quote that there are dreamers of the day and dreamers of the night. Of the two the dreamers of the day are dangerous for they may act upon their dreams to make them a reality.
Every day I wake up and see a new challenge in the world, I see soo much pain and suffering, anger and hate. From the war in Syria, to the famine in Somalia, #blacklivesmatter, to the civil unrest in Colombia and to the neighbor beside me silently struggling with depression... There is soo much that is happening in the world around us and I refuse to sit and watch as a spectator, I refuse to let there be ‘business as usual’ and I refuse to accept that this is the way the world is.
I dream that they could be more, and I challenge myself to be more to create a better world that I envision. And I know I am not alone… I know that there are hundreds of people who also like me ask for more from the world, and are willing to give more to the world. Here at UBC I see so much potential so many people with the belief that they can make the world a better place and the courage to do so in any way that they can.
It is my hope that we can come together and though we may have different initiatives or different issues our diversity will be our strength as we have a united ambition.
And with that I would like to launch Stand Up Shout Out Canada!"

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