Yohan Mutta

When I joined SUSO in early 2015, I knew I was joining something great. From the moment I had the honour of listening to Peter Moll give his famous recruitment talk, I was hooked, hooked on the values, mission, and vision of this organization.

I was motivated by the enthusiasm and commitment shown by the few SUSOnians I had interacted with, and as I look back at the one year I have been a member of this organization I am still in awe at what we as an organization have achieved in just one year. Our one thousand strong organization has set roots across Kenya, East Africa, and the entire world spreading the SUSO organization that I, that we have believed in and committed ourselves to this whole time. For me, I know that SUSO has changed me, the way I think, and the way I handle situations on a day to day basis for the better and to know have the opportunity to take all this with me to a new country and a new continent humbles me immensely.


It brings me great joy to have the opportunity to start SUSO Germany, because I am certain that as we continue to grow as an organization, we will have the ability to spread what SUSO has done for all of us current SUSOnians to more and more people, in more and more places. I think that one of the most beautiful things about SUSO is that anyone that is everyone can find their own space, and do what they love, be it music, drama, advocacy work, event planning etc. SUSO is as diverse as its members. I have no doubt that As SUSO Germany begins, the diversity in members, projects, and ideas will increase, all to further our organization, and push it to greater heights, and for this, I am excited to begin!