Director - Rachel Melissa Salins

Stand Up Shout Out had been my place of hope. Before I joined this organization I had this burning desire to make a change, but I didn't have an outlet to do so. SUSO gave me a platform to share my ideas and make a difference in the community. More than that, it made me believe that it was possible to make a change and that I'm not in it alone.

I want to share the same feeling of hope and love I get from my SUSO family back home with the people here. In a country of diverse thoughts and passionate hearts my aim is to bring togetherness, to bring positive change and empower the youth to STAND UP AND SHOUT OUT.

Every single step we take across the globe is a step for change, we truly believe that our generation are hungry, but they lack a little something, it can be self-confidence, ambition, drive, courage, innovation, but all in all this little something stops them from being who they can be, stops them from being! And we believe Stand Up Shout Out gives them that little something, that little push to their already amazing potential to believe they can make a difference and in doing so allowing them to change the world; and while they are at it, they get a family of change makers to do it with!

Division Staff

  • Director - Rachel Melissa Salins
  • 1st Deputy Director - Vinnie Padhi
  • 2nd Deputy Director - Shruti Chandrasekharan

Contact Info

SUSO India

Mangalore, India

Tel: +91 96325 80138

rsmelissa01@gmail.com, india@suso.world