Director - Aadrita Chatterjee

During the summer of 2017, I did a 3-week internship at SUSO in Nairobi and little did I know what big plans it had in store for me. 
Stand Up Shout Out is fueled by the youth: our passions, dreams and aspirations because in the end, we are building ourselves a world that we need to spend the rest of our lives in. It not only gives the youth a means to collaborate but it also amplifies your individual contribution to bring about collective change on a larger scale.
SUSO was a very personal journey for me and it will be for everyone who associates with SUSO but that’s the beauty of it! During the 3 weeks, I developed a sense of confidence that I’ve never experienced before. I met some of the friendliest and welcoming people and that was when I realized that SUSO would be in my life for much longer than 3 weeks. 
As much as SUSO creates empowerment and promotes social collaboration, it also provides a platform for channeling the desire for change for those who are looking for a sense of purpose but do not know where to start. This is why I am thrilled to initiate the Jordan chapter of SUSO as SUSO Jordan will not only help you become a change maker but also embrace it!

Division Staff

Director - Aadrita Chatterjee