Director - Maarya Omar

An innate desire for purpose and pride is what drew me to Stand Up Shout Out. Having heard of the organization through a peer, I was immediately impressed with the passion and dedication which Peter and the rest of the SUSO divisions had to foster youth activism around the world.

Indeed, the sole purpose of SUSO is to serve as a platform for young activists such as myself who are dissatisfied with their immediate surroundings to pursue and actively participate in causes and movements which bring about the change that they want to see.

Currently Malawi faces many pressing issues, from gender inequality to the lack of freedom of expression, along with poverty and destruction to the environment, which has been sustained over the years. The limited resources make it increasingly difficult to direct a positive outcome.

However, with the help of SUSO and many young and motivated activists in Malawi and around the world, allows us to create a platform for us to work and address key issues that affect us and the country as a whole. Furthermore, the approach used to instigate change is not merely raising and distributing funds to organizations already in place, which is commonplace and has yielded mixed results. Our purpose is to establish a permanent base in Malawi for young people to work independently or alongside pre-existent organizations in initiatives which they are personally responsible for managing and monitoring, thus becoming responsible and independent.

This is an immensely exciting opportunity for Malawi and we are fortunate to be apart of the many divisions that are already making a positive impact on the youth of today and for generations to come. No longer shall Malawi’s youth remain seated and silent; we shall Stand Up and Shout Out

Division Staff

Director - Maarya Omar

Deputy Director - Ucindami Mafeni

Creative Director - Namrata Zala