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Out going Director: Lulu Seyvunde


My grandma once told me to never confuse being independent with paying attention to those around you because knowing how to live with others is the only way to live. I'd like to think she's changed my life with that simple idiom. I'd also like to think i've opened the minds and the hearts of those who I come across by enlightening them with that idiom. Where would the world be if we all stood completely alone and looked out for our own best interest? We're stronger when we work together because we can look out for each other, empower one another, motivate one another and bring out passion from deep within us that we were afraid to let surface. Isn't that the secret to long lasting relationships? With each other, with the world and with the positive energy of the universe we can achieve almost anything. What the mind believes, the mind can achieve. Stand Up Shout Out has provided the youth in Moshi, Tanzania with the opportunity to be heard because we're all listening, setting judgements aside and accepting one another wholly since we are all a part of the human race. Might I repeat we're all one race. SUSO has created a platform for each and everyone of us to become the leaders of today and tomorrow by standing up for our dreams, ambitions and greatest aspirations in hopes that what we've always imagined happening for the betterment of the world is going to and will happen. Most importantly we've learned that that can only be achieved if we do it together. Alone we can do a lot, together we can do so much more. Be a part of SUSO and join us on our mind-awakening journey to wake up to see the world a become a better, safer place for each and everyone of us together!

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Interim Director - Kim Allan

Director - Lulu
First Deputy Director - Jessica


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