Speech from the Director of SUSO UGANDA Inaara Savani

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Director - Inaara Savani

'I believe, no-one can become an outstanding leader without expanding the breach between their dreams and reality. In SUSO, you can be the pink pony you want. You can be a dangerous dreamer with the fire within your eyes that can let you conquer the world in ways the “past leaders” had never imagined. You can be whoever and whatever you want because SUSO all about expression, discovering your passion, exposing yourself to the world with a unique lens. No one became a thinker before being open to a problem. And neither can you expect change in the world you live without having an initiative. This is a unique platform where you will not only get to meet new people but also in effect cause a change in your very own community.
I hope to bring together the youth in Uganda to form a global community whereby they can easily communicate with other susonians, building a global network that takes us a step closer to change.

-Join this journey to dig out the hidden pixie dust you have-
“I am Because We Are.”'

Division Staff

  • Director - Inaara R Savani
  • 1st Deputy Director - Joshua D Mukiibi
  • 2nd Deputy Director - Matthew W. Wabwire
  • General Manager - Simran Kaur Marwaha
  • Deputy GM - Nisha Achieng
  • Human Resource Manager - Asila Shamirali Jiwa
  • Media Director - Karanveer Singh Panesar
  • Public Relations Manager - Calvin Kirunda Nkutu
  • Communications Director - Muskaan Bhaidani
  • Senior Team Leader - Riya Thobani
  • Team Leaders - Nicole Lutalo, Maco Adriko, Soham Desai
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Contact Info

SUSO Uganda

Kampala, Uganda

Tel:  +256753788788