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Words From the Director of SUSO Kuwait Realm, Varleen Kaur Virdi:


Director: Varleen Kaur Virdi

Stand Up Shout Out has been a place where I feel there is place for our voice, the voice that everyone feels can’t do anything but actually can do! SUSO has made me realize that even if you are small in age, you aren’t in small in creating opportunities for yourself and people around you. In fact we are the ones who actually are the face of the future. SUSO is a platform that allows everyone to raise their ideas, passions and motivations into positive energy and projects. This is a very important thing as we need to channel our energies and combine them I order to create a change together, not only from outside but also within ourselves because as Ubuntu states ‘I am because we are’. Personally for me, I relate everything and everyone around me in relation to what my religion teaches me as it is the most important aspect for my life but however it may not be your aspect. Therefore I would love for people in this club and organization to channel whatever they respect the most in their way, which will allow us to experience different teachings brought out into a whole new action. So let us make a positive change in ourselves and around ourselves for the better future and present.

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