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Words From the Director of SUSO MANDERA


Director - Burhanudin Mohamud:


Mandera, the farthest town in the northern part of Kenya. Marginalization,Insecurity,fight against terror,tribal conflicts. the list is endless. As a young person born and raised in this part of the country I have always thought of the day this was going to be history. I dream of a better county. I dream of a time when someone will take it upon themselves to better my peoples life and every single person i meet seems to have a suggestion on how that could be achieved.Unfortunately they all seem to have the same idea. The people need to do this or that is what i get to hear from almost every person. Ironically, None of the people saying that seem to realize that it all starts with themselves! I am tired of waiting for someone. I have to be that someone! As the great Malcolm x once said; The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.
Stand Up Shout Out provides the perfect platform to do that. see, I believe in the three C`s in life; Choice,Chance and Change! I joined SUSO by choice to get the chance to change the lives of my community!
a few years ago i read a very good prayer on one of my friend`s computer it said; `God grant me the serenity to change the things i can, the power to accept the things i cannot and the wisdom to know the difference` This has kept me going since then. And it so happens that fate led me to SUSO which is why I am very proud to head and be part of the launch of SUSO Mandera division.

Division Staff

Director: Burhanudin Mohamud

Deputy Director: Luqman M.

General Manager: Abdifitah Abdirizak
Financial Manager: Hussein Said
Media Relations Manager: Hani Galma
Human Resources Manager: Abdifatah Adan
Senior Team leader: Hibaq Adan







Contact Info

SUSO Mandera

Mandera, Kenya

Tel: +254 724 807474