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Words From the CO-Managing Directors of SUSO China Chenshi Lu 陆晨诗 and Yue Zhu 朱悦 Juli

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陆晨诗, Chenshi Lu

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朱悦, Yue Zhu (Juli)

"Stand Up Shout out is an organization where is full of dream. Whether you are young or old; whether you are rich or poor; whether you are healthy or sick. Everyone can find a sense of belonging here. We always want to do something for the world but never take action; and we always want to change the world but don’t know what we can do. Until we meet SUSO, and it taught me that we should just do it.

SUSO is a miraculous organization which always company with you. It can encourage you to do everything that you want to do; it can help you to make your dream come true and it also can help you meet more people who has dream. It is such an organization that attracts more and more people with dreams.

Now, we become a real part of SUSO, where we have met and will meet more people similar to us, who own dreams and hope a better world. Without helplessness and confusion, we confirm the determination to make some difference and create more possibilities. Simultaneously, we want to look for more friends in the same camp, to join us and to live a brilliant life together. Every single small thing makes the world a little bit different. And the greatness is an accumulation of those small achievements, which are created from now on, by each of you."

SUSO是一个充满梦想的地方,无论你是年轻还是年长,无论你是富裕还是贫穷,无论你是健康或是疾病。我们每一个人都可以在这里找到归属感。以前总是想着想为这个世界做些什么,总想着改变些什么,可是却不知该从何做起。直到认识了SUSO,它真正教会我“just do it”




CO - Managing Director: 陆晨诗, Chenshi Lu

CO - Managing Director:  朱悦, Yue (Juli) Zhu

Deputy Managing Director: Sarafina Gabriella Rule

General Manager: 李金梦, Jinmeng (Dream) Li

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Sarafina Gabriella Rule

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” – John Quincy Adams Stand Up Shout Out is a platform for the imagination of the youth and society and as a proud Susonian I can say that it has shaped me into the passionate individual that I am today. In this community that surrounds the globe, there are faces that have it all and others that don’t have that much. Being a member of SUSO has taught me that caring for everyone’s needs is an act of kindness that will always be cherished. No matter the magnitude of faces we impact, bringing a smile to the face of one child can improve their whole life. I believe that caring creates a ripple effect and that it is vital for all of us to live in harmony. Stand Up Shout Out, to me, is like a second home and that means that the world is my home too. I have had the pleasure of working with Susonians from different parts of the world, and that is a pleasure I would never replace. Working among people who believe in change, believe in the society, believe in the power of words; it’s inspiring. And being granted the opportunity to change the lives of the people around me has been my driving force to seeing Stand Up Shout Out grow and spread its fire into the hearts of the world.

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李金梦, Jinmeng Li

I believe human-being is the most valuable but wasted resource in our current world. My mission is to gather purpose-driven people, especially Chinese young generation, to let them empower themselves, to find the vision of their lives, and eventually make positive impact to change the world! This is why I join SUSO, encouragement and empowerment are so powerful to give people lights.

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