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Words From the CO Managing Directors of SUSO CONGO


CO Managing Director: Inaya Anis Somani


CO Managing Director: Sneha Bardai

Inaya Anis Somani:
"SUSO has helped in defining who I am. It has helped in perceiving the way I think about different situations. It has brought the urge in me to help and to educate the society in which I live. I did have a vision to help the society, but I didn’t know SUSO would be the platform. Through SUSO, I have been able to help bring about a change with various events, campaigns and much more just by expressing my passions and bringing out the courage to raise my voice. I was an introvert when it came to giving ideas or speaking up. SUSO made me realize that my voice is important and that it matters. No matter what your age, your voice matters. Being the Managing Director of SUSO Congo is going to be an experience that is going to be tough but filled with a lot of teamwork, bonding and many other good memories. It is going to be platform that I envision, where the youth will be unified and follow what SUSO calls ‘Ubuntu’ which means ‘I am because we are’ and will help the community and make a positive impact."

Sneha Bardai:
"SUSO has been one of the platforms that has enabled me to project my voice. SUSO has also played an important role in my life so that I can better my environment and create awareness on the important issues that do exist. This organization was started by Peter Frederick Moll in 2013 that brings individuals together to create a change. SUSO is a whole big team that promotes different ideas and brings them forth. SUSO has been the voice to the voiceless making the world a better place to live in. It is the passion and the unity that exists in SUSO that made me a part of it. This organization is a platform where people can work to strive a change in a pluralistic world. So let’s create this positive change so that we can empower the youth and STAND UP to SHOUT OUT the problems that exist in our society today."

Division Staff

CO Managing Directors:
Inaya Anis Somani & Sneha Bardai


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Lubumbashi, Congo.

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