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Words From the Director of SUSO KAMPALA


Director: Mary Clains Tino

"Providing the youth with a platform to participate in the development of communities is key to its progress.

It starts with the realization that we can actually do something about the problems in our societies and understanding that impact is not based on the size of what you do, but rather on the number of people whose lives are influenced positively.

SUSO has wiped out the society of youth that complains and has not only transformed, but also empowered them to be a society of youth that acts to make a difference on the things they are not comfortable with. This fully expresses the saying; 'Be the change you want to see'.

This organisation shows that plans do not come fully formed, all it requires for you as a change maker is to start and the rest will fall in place.

The five year growth of SUSO is tremendous and it is an honor for me to join this cause and movement as the Director of Kampala Division"

Division Staff

Director: Mary Calins
Deputy Director: Sam Olaa



Deputy Director: Sam Olaa

"SUSO Kampala presents us with a new opportunity to stream our dreams for this beautiful city. I welcome you all to embrace grande opportunity to unite,create and excel!"

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