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Education is FUNDAMENTAL but it is up to you to make it FUN to MENTAL. I have come to learn Life is not what happens to us but it is how we react to what happens to us. There are Four S that I believe we should use to have fulfillment in Life, Something to DO, Something to Love, Something to Believe In and Something to Hope for. What will make you achieve this……? Becoming a SUSONIAN!!The First time I came to Know about SUSO, was by meeting the Founder Mr.Peter Moll at the Kenya Model United Nations Conference. I was privileged to be a Delegate Member of the USA and Mr.Moll was the Team Leader. After Participating in the Global Elephants March in October 2014 organized by SUSO, I knew I had found a platform where you can share even the dreams that might seem to be out of this world and guess what ?....SUSONIANS will find a way of achieving it.SUSONIANS don’t play small; they act as winners and go through the finish line that is their SPIRIT. Being a SUSONIAN makes you practice positive habits that make a big difference in the long term. It makes you ‘JUMP OVER THE CLIFF’ and make life have a meaning rather than just Existing.Being a SUSONIAN you don’t pursue SUCCESS but You ATTRACT IT by the person you are made to become, because of the UBUNTU LEGACY: ’I AM BECAUSE WE ARE’.

“Leaders don’t create more followers, they create more Leaders”, Mr.Peter Moll is using this principle and I have been privileged enough to be given the Mandate of becoming the TEAM LEADER of SUSO MERU DIVISION.

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