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A few Words from our Division Director Derrick Muthee Muthomi

“Stand up shout out is a wonderful platform to everyone with desire to create positive change in the community. it give us opportunity to speak out and our voices are heard despite the status, body size or tribe. It brings unity between young people who aim at one objective that is :positive change towards the society governance and way of behaving. As an Environmentalist and model i realize that there is many injustice in this current life we are living and this can be changed by using our voices in rebuking all cases of injustice in the society. Through this platform (SUSO) and I will be able to holds youth rallies in tharaka nithi county and to any challenged society to stand up for what is right and just. I will also educate and inspire youths to realize the importance of championing for what is right.I believe that positive action is the first step of change, so for you to apply change you must love the environment and then start changing for people to follow you. Be like a driver whom he believes that he is only one of sounds mind on the road and start moving on with respect, love and care.Now SUSO will help us to make positive changes in the everything that surround us for betterment of today ,tomorrow and for generations to come after us. Thanks SUSO”

Deputy Director

Peter Mugendi

Division Team

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Be a member of this youth organization that aims to bring the change TODAY, in order to secure TOMORROW. Be part of the Change Makers in action!


 It is vital for our youth and all beings to grow up with awareness of self and awareness of self to others. It is the understanding that one can achieve their goals without taking advantage of others or destroying someone to be created. That there is space for everyone to be.

Ubuntu is about Compassion, Kindness, Empathy and Unity.

Generation Of Light

Our actions will be influenced by the need of reintroducing hope into the world – to ensure the society understands all ongoing issues, but still has the knowledge that they are the desired change.

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